How to Make Kratom Strong

If you know about making Kratom stronger, you may get a better experience from it. Here you should not ask you over your experience with kratom.

When one makes Kratom durable, its effect changes a lot. We need to know the way of making kratom strong for its better use.

Many users believe that taking the sturdy powder is a real method to get the actual benefits. But you may be in a problem over deciding on how to make kratom strong

Meaning of a Kratom Potentiator:

Kratom potentiator is the element that boosts the effects of Kratom. It may sweet to hear, but it sweeter than you imagine. Yes, the Kratom potentiator helps to feel the changing taste of it. Mixing with different types of things, it brings varieties of feelings.

The effect is stronger than ever. More potent Kratom can be useful for the people who have used Kratom for a long time. Potent Kratom works more potentially and intensely.

How to Make Kratom Strong

Possibility of Making Kratom Strong with Potentiators:

When we visit and read different types of content on the possibility of making Kratom stronger, we find many ideas. Some are easy to do, while some need a touch of experienced hands. But you can indeed make Kratom stronger. People are still pondering how to make kratom strong as many potentiators make Kratom stronger. Even indirect potentiators such as freezing are amazing.

Way to Make Strong Kratom Tea:

Tea is an unusual episode for all of us. It is hard to find any person dislikes tea. The result will be excellent if you mingle tea with kratom powder. So let us see how to make strong kratom tea.


  • Authentic quality Kratom (30) grams
  • Water (2 liters)
  • Bowl (1)
  • Stirring utensil (1)
  • Mesh straining device (1)
  • Large pot (1) (to collect the resulting tea )
  • Fresh, plump lemons (2)
  • Liters of your favorite fruit juice (1) (you can increase the amount)


Boil the water.

  1. Put two teaspoons of kratom.
  2. When the water comes to boil, Pour it over it in (we don’t recommend boiling the kratom in the water, and it might kill the alkaloids) another bowl and stir it.
  3. You will see it is simmering in the water.
  4. Let it sleep for at least 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, pour off the tea. Add lemon juice.
  6. Add sweeter if you want, or you can use honey.
  7. Now, this is the way how to make strong kratom. I hope you will try this at home.

You can use the powder in numerous ways.

Freezing does work:

Freezing is a significant process for kratom as we know this thing is available for all today. However, freezing kratom can give one better access to the power of its alkaloids by breaking the plant’s cell walls, and plants cells.

Plant cells undergo cell lysis process while freezing. Not to mention that it helps to release the kratom alkaloids and forms a lysate. Before freezing, you may add a little bit of liquid to make it thick. Shake the bottle for covering with this sludge. Now put it in the refrigerator (10 minutes). Later you can taste it. This procedure will add a taste to the next level in your tea.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam is well known for its business of kratom around the world. People in Vietnam grow the yellow Vietnam kratom strain in Long Xuyen. The uses and benefits of yellow Vietnam kratom are many. We can see some of them.

Mental clarity:

Yellow Vietnam kratom dosage helps to concentrate on your work and have better visual power.

Physical relaxation:

Moreover, if you use this item, it will work as a balancing treatment for your physical therapy.

Visual perception:

Some said that they went through a visual acuity while using yellow kratom.


It works on brain pain receptors, and thus, it reduces and removes pain. Reducing pain is one of the most beneficial purposes of it.

Mood enhancement:

It acts as an anti-depressant. Yellow Vietnam kratom review reports that it works 25% more than the kratom in Thailand. 

Sooth the stomach:

It will help you to remove your stomach pain. Many people around the world have praised this. Not to mention that many of the doctors also suggest it as a solution to stomach ache.

Now more people who are using Kratom have tried the new Yellow Vietnam kratom, and we got vast positive reports and responses about it. The yellow Vietnam kratom effects are enjoyable and noticeable for both psychological and physical situation. The effects are instant and give consumers balanced energy and serenity.

Similar to other Kratom strains, this one may significantly elevate the mood. The important thing is that this strain has no bitter taste9it increases its popularity), but many people could not find this with Kratom.

Consumers stated taking this their visual state and perception were improved meaningfully. And it is providing a positive and ecstatic feeling. Yellow Vietnam Kratom owns many features that help with pain release and help create a definite serenity and happy feeling.

Ways to make kratom stronger:

There are many ways people are following today. But we should remember this; any unauthorized method may reduce the effect and make a different result. It is essential to know that we are talking about your health issue, so without any authentic source, you should not think of trying this.

Method 1:

You may not take Cayenne pepper to taste but take it to mix. You will make you flying in the sky and trying to catch something.

Method 2:

Turmeric helps to incite the feelings of kratom users. We know it has antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory power. These things help to reduce pain.

Method 3:

Grapefruit works intensely with kratom. These compounds go through the liver. Thus it helps you to remove your tiredness make it so wild.

Method 4:

If we want to add tea (Chamomile) with kratom, we need to add a large amount of kratom for its feeling or activeness. But many of us used to take tea, so in this case, we can say it is much more comfortable.

Method 5:

Magnesium can prevent and reduce tolerance to kratom.lets answer the following question if you take magnesium and kratom at the same time, what will happen? It is a miracle. Because it works better than any other process, you read.

Method 6:

Watercress acts well as a potentiator of kratom. Many reports indicate that watercress has a potent blend of chemicals. It helps to make the effects last longer. Many explain that the effects last for one hour longer than usual, but it was not extraordinary to them in terms of intensity.

Method 7:

If you combine kratom with coffee, you will find a strong feeling. We know coffee contains caffeine, which increases the effects of kratom. If you have a habit of taking coffee, you add kratom with it. Caffeine potentiates the effects of kratom. You will feel comfortable and more energetic.

However, your empty stomach can be useful to feel kratom because it gets absorbed quickly. So if you are hungry (empty stomach), it is time to check it. For a massive result, it is essential for the users to know how to make kratom powder strong.

Process of making strong kratom extract

Now we will see the details of how to make potent kratom extract. People used to take kratom extract for easy digestion. We will show you how to make strong kratom extract, so you can try this at home.


  • Metal pan 
  • Water
  • Lemon juice 
  • Pyrex dish 
  • Kratom of juice


  1. Weigh out your kratom(25g). Mix with half tsp of lemon juice and water until it forms a mud-like texture. Put a lid on it leave in the freezer for 1 hour.
  2. After 1 hour, take your kratom out of the freezer (freezing the kratom helps break down the cell walls for the more natural release of alkaloids).
  3. Measure 3 cups of water into a metal pan and bring to a simmer. (Do not boil. Too much heat can destroy the alkaloids.)
  4. Add your kratom to the simmer and stir until well mixed. (You may add more lemon juice to help pull all alkaloids.)
  5. Boil and.stir (25-30 minutes).
  6. Let the mixture cool then strain the liquid into a separate dish. (We don’t want any kratom leaf in our liquid.)
  7. Return liquid to clean metal pot and let simmer down until it becomes a syrup-like liquid.
  8. Pour the remaining liquid into the dish and put it in the oven on a low temp to evaporate the remaining liquid.

Once dry, you can scrape the dish using a razor, and your potent kratom extract is ready.

Final Words

Tolerance creates users to grow obsessive drug seeking manners. It will also lead to overdose. If you are besieged with an addiction and would like to get restrained, kratom will help you solve it.

But remember, there are many dangerous effects also. Kratom can help you in many ways. It is true that, similarly, excess use can cause a danger to your health.

However, now you know how to make kratom strong. We can tailor the treatments to your expectations.

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