Kraken Kratom is a relatively new vendor that provides smooth web experience and some great offers to deal with. Low prices with great offers attract new customers to visit them and buy from them.

People keep asking about Kraken Kratom review as they doubt this as too good to be true.

Here the question arises, do good prices and offers matter more than quality? Does Kraken Kratom’s vision is to serve at low prices without considering quality?

One thing that needs to be clear that what we see on the surface level isn’t that much important, and also, they do not have anything to do with the quality of products and services.

Smoother web experience and provoking offers are not the most important thing; their availability is good. But the thing that has more importance to us is the quality of Kraken Kratom

So, how good is the Kratom? Do they serve with quality products? Are they reliable? These are the questions that need to be answered right here.

My Kraken Kratom Review

As I have said earlier, slick websites and offers are not that essential compared to the importance of quality.

Now, let’s talk about some areas you should consider when you think of buying from Kraken Kratom. I will give my honest opinions in this review of Kraken Kratom. 

In the end, you are the one who will decide to purchase or not from Kraken Kratom. I will help you know all the facts you should know before you make a decision so that you can reach your conclusion in a rational way.

You might have gone through other Kraken Kratom reviews on different platforms and might have already taken your decision.

On that note, I would like to say that I promise to give you real facts and help you to go for a rational decision.

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How Good is the Actual Kratom?

“How good is the Kratom?” is most probably the first question that came to your mind when you are about to take a decision to purchase or not from Kraken Kratom. If I were in your shoes, I would very likely ask this question.

As I have mentioned several times in a while that well-designed packaging and cheap offers do not attract me unless the quality of the product isn’t that much appreciable, and these less important features mustn’t provoke you.

Kraken Kratom has so much variation in its products, such as:

  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom liquid extract
  • Kratom tea

This variety helps them to reach out to a vast customer range. 

As per my experience in using Kraken Kratom products, their regular Kratom powder is excellent in quality.

I did not use all of their products, and it isn’t practical to do so, to be honest. But as per my observation and so-called research,

  • Bali Kratom
  • Maeng Da Thai
  • White Vein Borneo Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Super Indo

are some of their products that are outstanding in quality.

Each type of strain mentioned above spreads aroma in a way exactly one would expect generally. I will talk about the extracts later on in this review.

Still, one thing needs to be spoken boldly: the Kratom powder, as a whole, is as excellent as anyone would expect, though the expectation varies from person to person.

Moving on to the topic of Kratom capsules, they also are of excellent quality. It can be called as mystery lies in the enigma of capsules, metaphorically.

Stating the fact that the capsules that Kraken Kratom sells really are of good quality that you shouldn’t think twice before purchasing.

How Easy is it to Purchase from Kraken?

Another question that may come to your mind “is Kraken Kratom legit?” only if you are unfamiliar with Kraken Kratom. And the simple answer to this question is, yes, it is legit.

You will surely like the purchasing experience at Kraken Kratom as their website is user-friendly. Their website is aesthetically designed to take less time to load at the same time, which is great because more aesthetically designed sites are less likely to load faster. 

Designs and load times are not that as much as important as quality as I have been saying this repeatedly, but they are important too.

Suppose you want to buy from an online store knowing that they sell quality products, and it takes more time to load their website. You will inevitably lose interest in buying from them.

Kraken Kratom uses the simple payment method as other online businesses to make it easier for the customers to complete the payments. You can pay from your cards easily that most other websites as they have a properly planned website that anyone would love to use. 

The checkout process is simple and smooth, and I have already told you that you will have a seamless web experience while visiting their site. Kraken Kratom’s professionalism will make you feel their legitimacy, and that is true.

Kraken’s Coupons and Offers

Provoking Offers

Upon landing on Kraken Kratom’s website, you may notice some pop-ups containing lurid offers, or it may be coupons that you may get upon by spinning. You may encounter some irresistible offers, such as a 20% discount and free shipping, though these offers are not available all the time. They give limited-time offers for promotional objectives.

There’s always some kind of offers that you will barely have to pay the full price of the product. You may get a 10% discount coupon upon sharing them on social media. Now, this is a chance that you will never want to miss.

If you are lucky enough, you will see some spinning options while you visit their website and get a coupon code instantly on your email.

Free Shipping and Faster Delivery

As you know, many online shops offer you free shipping, but this is probably rare for you to get your product the same day you order. They generally deliver products inside the United States with no shipping charge.

If you order a product in the earlier part of the day, you will most probably get your product on the same day. Also, there is an option to request them to deliver the product as quickly as possible. As today’s world values time more than anything, it well worth it to purchase products from them.

If you’re living outside of the US, you can also enjoy excellent shipping procedures and receive products quicker than other shops. You won’t have to face any difficulties in the shipping process, and you’ll have a smoother experience in tracking your product’s whereabouts when it is on the way to your home.

Customer Support

I have already said that I have used their website to buy products and consumed them. As per my experience, their customer service is better than my expectation. Their response is fast and supportive at the same time. As I am writing about Kraken Kratom, it will be a huge sin if I do not admire the team is working behind to support you.

The guys working as customer support will help you in all possible ways. Their fast response and responsible behavior will make you overwhelmed.

I can assure you that you will get the best customer service Kraken Kratom in your online shopping experience. And, this needs to be admitted sincerely. This is one of the main reasons behind Kraken Kratom’s success in only a few years after it has started. 


As a newcomer, Kraken Kratom previously faced some issues with trustworthiness, which is pretty common for new companies. Within a short time, Kraken Kratom gained the trust of customers to a great extent.

After their starting back in 2015, they have gained the trust of an extensive range of customers with their sincerity and service. For a business, it is a must to keep all the promises they make. And, Kraken Kratom never failed to keep their promise.

You can trust their words about the products and certain about their promises. You will be 100% sure about their trustworthiness once you have experienced yourself.

Strain Selection

I have mentioned in the beginning that there is a massive variety of products they offer so that they can cover a vast customer range. And it is right in every way. From powder to leaf, you can get a huge variety of products from a single vendor.

You do not need to contact different shops for different products. It’s time-saving when you can rely on only one shop for all the Kratom products that you may need.

As I have studied about Kraken Kratom, I have learned that the selection process of strains is quite strict, and there is no chance of a drop of lemon in the milk if you want to say metaphorically. And, this is one of the main reasons for their supplying quality Kraken powder

This makes you sure of the quality of Kratoms, which is our main focus when we want to buy something.

What I Don’t Like About Kraken Kratom

As I have said earlier in this review that I will talk about extracts later on this review. So, now the “Later on” part has arrived.

I see the extracts as a drawback in the list of the products that Kraken Kratom supplies. It is complicated and sometimes annoying to measure the right quantity for your dose of extracts.

Another product that I perceive negatively is enhanced blends. It has the same problem as extracts. Measuring these enhanced blends is sometimes beyond your tolerance. 

These are the types of products that I found as drawbacks, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone, let alone order for myself.

One thing that I need to clear out that this is not about Kraken Kratom. I will never recommend enhanced blends and extracts from any vendor because all are the same, difficult to measure the perfect dose.

This problem can give you flavors that you will hate as hell, I assure.

Though there are some lacking in two types of products, hundreds of products have the quality that you will love to buy and consume. 

In Summary

I have tried to give you full insights about Kraken Kratom according to my own experience and observations, or you can call it research. Hopefully, I can be of help through this Kraken Kratom review.

This might help you to take your decision in a rational manner as you now know the facts that you should know before buying from them if you had doubts previously.

So, Would I Recommend Kraken Kratom?

Yes, I certainly will.

I would recommend (as I used personally) any type of strains that Kraken Kratom offers except those enhanced blends and extracts. I can assure you that all other strains are of excellent quality that someone would expect. 

If you want to attain quality products at a lower price, I will recommend Kraken Kratom as my first choice. Unlike the other shops, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for low prices. I find this company as legit with pure professionalism. The super-easy purchasing process and so much helpful customer service will make you fall in love with this company once you experienced yourself. 

So, as my final verdict, I suggest you give it a try. It is worth it to buy from here. Also, do not forget to take the advantages of coupons that can be gained by sharing the site or spinning the pop-ups and make sure to get the free shipping. It is very much available in this Kraken Kratom website.

Final Words

I hope you have learned what you needed to know before coming to a decision. I shared the insights with you without faking any information in this Kraken Kratom review, according to my knowledge and experience.

By now, you must have got the answers to the three questions that I mentioned earlier in this review.

Last but not least, you will get high-quality products at a low price, which is the primary concern of a customer who thinks rationally. What could be better for a customer?