Kratom Dosage Guide

This Kratom dosage guide hasn’t passed through the thorough research of respect authority of the US and meant only for learning purposes. It has no relation with medical guidance. 


This writing is to share the correct information about Kratom and make awareness about the misinformation that is floating around.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a Southeast Asian plant that is nowadays becoming popular among the people who are based on the West. It is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, which is related to the coffee family. Native Southeast Asian people have been using Kratoms for medicinal or herbal purposes for centuries now.

Many vendors sell Kratom capsules, powders, extracts, tea leaves, drinks, and some other forms of Kratom, whereas natives consume Kratom leaves directly without any processing.

Kratom is famous for its effects like pain-relieving, energy-boosting, mood-enhancing, and it is also useful in insomnia, arthritis, and similar problems. 

Kratom Dosage Guide

How is it taken?

As stated earlier, locals eat Kratom leaves directly. They chew Kratoms or sometimes crush so that it can be easier to consume. It is a common practice to consume Kratom leaves as teas.

Some other people make Kratom powder for the ease of consumption. Natives mix powders into the water and drink it. It is also common practice to mix Kratoms into fruit juice, milk, and chocolates. It tastes better when you brew Kratoms into these. You have another excellent option to incorporate sugar or honey if you want a sweet taste. 

Another common practice is to convert the powders into pastes. By doing so, Kratoms become more comfortable to consume. For commercial purposes, Kratoms are being transformed into capsules.

The most beneficial part of capsules is that it is effortless to measure the right amount when you’re consuming Kratoms. 

Another form of Kratoms is dried leaves, which can be treated as tea leaves and prepare for consumption in the same way as teas. Kratom extracts are another powerful form of Kratom.

Kratom extracts can be dissolved into teas and prepare for consumption. It is also possible to smoke Kratoms, but there’s a problem in the measurement of dose when you try to smoke Kratoms. 

Preparing a Chocolate Kratom Milkshake?

This Kratom dosage guide will help you know the best dose for you and help you in knowing some delicious recipes of Kratoms. Preparing chocolate Kratom milkshake is probably the best way to consume Kratom in a tasty way. The sour flavor of Kratoms goes away with the mixing up of chocolate milkshake.

Kratoms won’t sediment, and thus you can enjoy a consistent taste from the whole glass of chocolate Kratom milkshake. But things may get challenging when you try to mix Kratom powders into a chocolate milkshake. Kratom powders float on the milkshake and do not mix properly.

You can try stirring, but that isn’t going to help because Kratom powders always tend to swim. So, it is suggested not to mix Kratom powders into a chocolate milkshake. Here is a popular way to prepare chocolate Kratom milkshake discussed beneath.

Delicious Chocolate Kratom Milkshake Recipe

For each dosage of Kratoms, use only a cup of chocolate milkshake. To increase thickness and get a better taste, you can use dark chocolate almond milkshake. The procedures for preparing a chocolate Kratom milkshake:

  1. Put in one dose of Kratoms in a cup and the same amount of chocolate-flavored milk in it.
  2. Mix the components until they become paste.
  3. Add the extra chocolate milk that is needed to fill the cup.
  4. Stir the mixture until it gets mixed evenly.
  5. Drink the mix till the cup is empty and pour some chocolate milk again, and stir up.
  6. Drink the mixture. 

You may be wondering why there is talking about the second round of mixing. It is to ensure that no particle of the Kratoms left in the cup.

How does one prepare a powdered kratom PASTE for drinking?

  1. Put one dose of Kratoms in a cup.
  2. Pour a sufficient amount of water and mix them up until it becomes a uniformed paste.
  3. Next, keep a glass of water aside and swallow a spoon of the paste and immediately drink full mouth water. Be careful you do not choke on it. Repeat the process until you have consumed all the paste that means total dose of Kratom. 

How does one prepare a powdered kratom SLURRY for drinking?

  1. Pour 6-7 grams of Kratom powder into a glass of water, which contains 8-9 ounces of water for an average dose of Kratoms. You may use any other kind of beverage according to your preference. 
  2. Stir the mix evenly and swallow it faster before the powder starts to get down.
  3. Pour water into the glass again, stir it and drink back to make sure there’s no particle of Kratoms remaining.

How does one make Kratom tea?

I have shared some recipes for preparing chocolate milkshake, Kratom paste, and Kratom slurry for drinking. Now, it’s time to share the recipe for making Kratom tea. 

  1. Boil 2-4 cups of water. You may boil more or less, and the effects will be the same if you drink it all. 
  2. Put one teaspoon of Kratoms in a cup and pour boiled water into it. 
  3. Stir it until it gets evenly mixed and make sure there isn’t any powder remain dry.
  4. Mix sugar or honey or artificial sweetener. I recommend honey as it completely cut the bitterness.  
  5. Wait until it gets cold (usually 15 minutes) and keep stirring occasionally.

Now, enjoy the drink. You may add more sugar or honey at this point to make it tastier. The effects will be the same if you consume the whole liquid. 

You can add boiling water according to your preferred concentration; it can be more or less than the quantity mentioned above. But I suggest you use the amount of water that you can drink all of it. 

You can reserve the tea for 4-5 days in the refrigerator. It can be preserved some more days, but there’s a possibility of the tea getting spoiled. For safety reasons, you shouldn’t drink tea for older than five days.

To preserve the tea for months, you may add some alcohol into it. By adding 10% alcohol into the solution, you can maintain the tea for five to six months. But remember to stir the tea again before consuming it because some components of the tea may get sedimented to the bottom. 

How can I powder dried leaves?

Locals crush or grind the dried leaves to prepare Kratom powder. A typical coffee grinder can do it very quickly, and the crushed leaves turn into powder finely.

How does one measure dosage?

You can call this part of the writing as a kratom powder dosage guide, as I’ll be discussing measuring Kratom powders in this section. 

A scale that can measure up to 1 gram is suitable for measuring the dosage. However, if it is about measuring powder, you should use a scale that can measure even in tenths. You can buy a cost-effective, very correct, and digital scale in the nearest store. And the scale can serve you for different purposes besides measuring Kratoms. This measuring process is the measurement of weight; if you have any confusion. 

However, it is possible to measure the volume, but measuring volume often results in wrong measurements. Elaborately, powders are of different kinds. Some powders are finely crushed, and some are not. Finely ground Kratoms weigh more than the Kratoms, which are not finely crushed, even though having the same volume.

For instance, one teaspoon of finely crushed Kratom powder weighs around 2-2.25 grams, where the Kratom powder that is not finely ground weighs approximately 1 gram or even less than that.  

As you know, three teaspoons make up the volume of one tablespoon. For an average person, the usual dose is 6-7 grams at a time. So, if you consume a tablespoon of finely crushed Kratom powder, you’re consuming an average dose.

Whereas, if you consume the same volume of roughly crushed Kratoms, you’re consuming 3 grams or even less. Point to be noted here, this talk is about average potent Kratoms and not about high potential ones. So, I suggest you measure the weight, not the volume when you’re measuring Kratom powders for consumption. 

What are the effects?

There is a massive variety of Kratom strains, and they all have almost similar effects but on different levels. Some strains work well in pain-relieving, some are in energy-boosting, some are in mood-enhancing, and so forth. The impact of a specific strain depends on the dosage.

A little dose offers some effects, and a high dose of the same strain provides different results. The effects also depend on the individual who is taking Kratoms. Individuals’ tolerance, weight, age, lifestyle, and other factors cause a difference in the impact. Kratoms are mildly addictive, but then it helps to remove the addiction of opiates. 

On the stimulant effects level: Stimulant effects include concentration improving, physical and sexual energy-boosting, motivation increasing, mood-lifting, and so forth. It works as an antidepressant. Kratoms have similar effects as coffee but on different levels. And Kratoms do not have side effects as coffee has. 

The sedative-euphoric-analgesic level: In this case, the dose is higher than the previous one. It works as pain-relieving both of body and mind. You will become less sensitive or even start daydreaming. You will experience relaxation and overall pleasure of mind. In this situation, your pupils become smaller.

You may experience the half daydreaming and half actual world at a time. If you’re a writer, you will love this state in a dark room. Most of the writers prefer this state and use opium because many do not know about Kratoms. You may enjoy music more than ever lying in your bed, making it a dark room. 

These effects depend on the quality of Kratoms and to which extent they are potent. 

Premium Quality Kratom

  • Threshold Dose: 2 to 4 grams per dose.
  • Mild Dose: 4 to 5 grams per dose.
  • Moderate Dose: 5 to 10 grams per dose.
  • Strong Dose: 8 to 15 grams per dose.
  • Very Strong Dose: Up to 25 grams per dose.

Since the quality of capsules matches this, you shall follow the above dosage as kratom capsules dosage guide.

Ultra-Potent Kratom

  • Threshold Dose: 1 to 3 grams per dose.
  • Mild Dose: 3 to 4 grams per dose.
  • Moderate Dose: 4 to 7 grams per dose.
  • Strong Dose: 7 to 10 grams per dose.
  • Very Strong Dose: 8 to 16 gram per dose.

Kratom Extract

  • Threshold Dose: One gram per dose.
  • Mild Dose: 1 to 2 grams per dose.
  • Moderate Dose: 2 to 4 grams per dose.
  • Strong Dose: 4 to 6 grams per dose.
  • Very Strong Dose: 6 to 9 grams per dose. 

This dosage guide, including kratom extract dosage guide, is based on experts’ suggestions. Notice that there’s a range of doses in every type of dosage. That is because not everyone has a similar tolerance. For example, one can get the moderate dose effects of premium quality Kratom by taking grams, and for another person, it may need grams. 

The effects of the threshold dose can barely be seen though they show their effectiveness. 

The effects of mild dosage are stimulant-like and sedative-like for a strong dose.

A moderate dose can be both stimulant-like and sedative-like. 

The very strong dose is potent for many, and it gives effects like a sedative and euphoric. 

Caution: The intensity of the dosage depends on various factors of an individual. Also, the potency and effectiveness of Kratoms vary massively depending on the place where it was grown. That’s why the calculations of dosage are not absolute. Whenever you’re trying a new Kratom for the first time, you start with a minimal dose. You can increase the dose slowly until you get your desired results. 

Experts suggest you to avoid taking a strong or very strong dose of any Kratom that you’re trying for the first time. Many people experience nausea by taking strong dose and people who are sensitive experience the same for even a moderate dose. Those who are hypersensitive may experience unfavorable reactions even at a mild dose. Experts also suggest taking a strong dose when your stomach is empty.

What is the duration of kratoms effects?

The newbies always search for kratom beginners guide to dosage and how long does it last. The duration of Kratoms is roughly 5 to 6 hours, depending on the potency of the Kratom you take. The beginning time of the effects varies depending on the state of your stomach and the type of Kratoms.

If you take Kratoms when your stomach is empty, you will experience the effects after thirty to forty minutes later. And the results will start after 60 to 90 minutes if you take Kratom when your stomach is full. It needs more time if you choose capsules. Capsules take more time to be dissolved in the stomach.

What are the risks? How safe is it?

If you consume Kratoms without mixing it with different drugs, you may feel sleepy even when you’re engaged in any dangerous work. It is probably the highest risk of using Kratoms.

Remember that you don’t drive, you don’t work with power equipment or climbing on ladders. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing stimulant-like effects or something else, sleepiness can come without any notice, and you may get into trouble. 

There’s been no research on the effects on pregnant women. So, we do not know what may happen if a pregnant woman takes Kratoms. It’s better to avoid Kratoms for pregnant women as we do not know the consequences. There may be risks of deaths and congenital disabilities, who knows?

Is Kratom an effective pain medication?

Yes, Kratom is very much useful in pain-relieving. It works as a painkiller, just like opium. Kratom is helpful as well as suggested by experts in pain-relieving, and it helps in diseases like arthritis and other bone-related disorders. Kratom is very popular for its painkilling ability.

Is Kratom an effective treatment for opiate addiction?

Kratom is used in Southeast Asia for centuries regarding the treatment of several diseases and to gain energy. It is traditionally being used for the treatment of addiction to opiates. Those who consume opiate-like drugs, and those with prescriptions slowly become addicted to drugs.

They hate to grow an addiction towards the opioids. Kratoms can help them to get out of the habit. Though Kratom itself is addictive, its addiction level is so mild that anyone can stop using Kratoms without getting driven by the addiction. 

People who have established an addiction towards opiates can quickly get out of it with the help of Kratoms, and they can slowly stop using Kratoms if they wish. Leaving Kratoms is not as severe as going opiates like drugs.

Is kratom habit forming?

Kratom is not as addictive as other painkilling drugs. Leaving the use of Kratoms is more comfortable than any other similar drugs. But it may be difficult to stop using Kratoms if one establishes a serious addiction towards Kratoms. If someone uses Kratoms daily for a long time, he/she will probably develop a severe habit.

However, you’ll never be addicted to it if you use it with care. Using Kratoms only when it is needed can help you to stop establishing addiction. 

People who have chronic pain or arthritis may use pain medications daily, and they will not be addicted if they hadn’t any history of drug abuse. It is sporadic to find someone who uses painkillers for chronic pain established addiction. Kratoms are nowadays famous for the painkilling ability without driving to addiction.

Is it possible to develop tolerance to Kratom?

Yes, it is possible. It is suggested that beginners start a new Kratom at a lower dose and slowly increase the dosage until they get the expected results. By taking Kratoms regularly, you can improve your tolerance to it.

If you use Kratoms infrequently, you will most likely not have increased tolerance. However, your achieved tolerance will fade away in a few weeks if you stop using Kratoms. 

If someone has been using opiates for a long time, they will have more tolerance than others who haven’t been using drugs. 

You may think that using different types of Kratoms on different days won’t increase your tolerance. But that’s not true. Using different kinds of Kratoms or the same Kratoms has nothing to do with tolerance. As a result, you develop tolerance. 

Another misconception among people is that mixing different kinds of Kratoms helps them to avoid increasing tolerance. No, it doesn’t work that way. All types of Kratoms have the same elements but in different concentrations. So, it doesn’t matter whether you mix them or not; you will eventually develop tolerance. 

The color of the inner leaf vein is not consistent. It may be red, green, yellow, brown, and even white. The red vein implies that the leaf is not mature. Over some time, when the leaf gets matured, it gets green color. It then receives the yellow and eventually, the brown color.

There is no doubt that genetics is a factor behind this color differentiation. But none can deny the fact that the environment plays a significant role in this color differentiation. That’s why a single tree can consist of various colors of veins. Thus, there is no constant connection between vein color, quality, and effectiveness.

This is probably a made-up marketing strategy. Also, different batches of leaves of the same Kratom tree may have different potency, which has no relation to color.

Is it true that some kratom products are adulterated or mislabeled?

We have come to know that some vendors mix some inexpensive substances with Kratoms to decrease their cost and increase profit margin. Some vendors mix synthetic drugs to increase the energy-boosting ability of Kratoms. Some other corrupt vendors sell Kratom extracts that contain a little Kratoms or even no Kratoms.

There have been some death cases because Kratom extracts and the forensic department found some other dangerous drugs apart from Kratoms in those bodies. So, yes, it is very likely that corrupt vendors sell contaminated or mislabeled Kratom products.

What are safe usage guidelines?

It’s better to be careful from the beginning, rather than to suffer later. To enjoy the Kratoms without being addicted, you shall use Kratoms less than twice a week, or more preferably twice a month, as per our experts’ suggestion. By using Kratoms regularly, you may develop addiction towards it, and it will become a part of your life. To avoid this, you should reserve Kratoms for occasional use when you need it.

Are there any reported health problems?

There are no reported health issues to date, except for those who take a high dose of Kratoms daily. Health issues may arise when someone stops using Kratoms suddenly. Kratom dosage guide says to stop using Kratoms slowly, not suddenly if you’re willing to leave Kratoms.

Sudden withdrawal may result in muscle pains, irritability, diarrhea, and so forth. So, as any rational person, if you don’t want any health issues, avoid a high dose of Kratoms, and when you want to stop using Kratoms, do it slowly.

Can Kratom be combined safely with other substances?

Here, it depends on which substances you want to mix. Mixing with cocaine, alcohol, yohimbine, amphetamine, benzodiazepines, high doses of caffeine, opiates, or any other drugs will result in high stimulation, blood pressure, and slow breathing, depressed nervous system, or even death. You are suggested not to try any of these mixings. 

However, mixing Kratoms and teas have no side effects; instead, it is enjoyable.

What is Kratom’s legal status?

Kratoms are legal in most of the countries. However, the laws of Australia, Myanmar, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, and some other countries prohibit the trade and use of Kratoms. Kratoms have been legalized in most of the states of the US. Still, the authorities of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin did not permit the selling, buying, and consuming of Kratoms. You must check the legal status of your country and state before purchasing and consuming Kratoms.

What are Kratom’s active constituents?

The important tryptamine alkaloids that are found in Kratoms (Mitragyna Speciosa) are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. They are the constituents behind the effects of Kratoms, such as euphoric, painkilling, stimulating, and so forth.

Is kratom use detected on drug tests?

Kratoms have alkaloids in their structure, so they are connected to opiate receptors, but they cannot be identified through opiate drug experiments. However, it is possible to detect Kratoms’ alkaloids, but as the Kratoms are legalized in almost everywhere, the tests are not done. Again, you may face legal issues if you use Kratoms in a state that doesn’t allow you to use Kratoms.

Where can Kratom be purchased?

Many online stores sell Kratom powders, capsules, extracts, leaves, and other forms of Kratoms. You can find some local shops selling Kratoms, but it is tough to find one store in a square mile. If you’re planning to buy Kratoms from an online store, be sure about the reputation of the vendor.

Some corrupt vendors claim to have pure Kratoms, but they provide you with some other herbs or some mixture of Kratoms and other herbs. I suggest you buy from reputed shops only.

Can Kratom be cultivated?

Kratoms can be cultivated as an indoor plant, but it may cause you trouble as it grows very long. Kratom plants cannot tolerate frost and cold environment. They need a moist environment to grow naturally.

You keep Kratom plants outside during the warm weather, and you have to keep it inside for the rest time. You can grow Kratoms out in tropical climate throughout the whole year. Potted plants must be fertilized weekly, and cuttings can do begetting if you want so.

Has The Kratom User’s Guide been plagiarized?

As per our knowledge, this Kratom dosage guide has been copied and pasted on several websites by making some changes here and there. We do not blame them as sharing important details is all good. We encourage copying until they recognize our credits.

Kratom Dosage Tips For New Users

A newbie or an old Kratom user needs to know the Kratom dose tips, and you’ll find the tips in this Kratom dosage guide. The newbies want to know the right amount of Kratoms for their very first dose. The old users want to know the right amount of Kratoms according to their level of tolerance. 

The Correct Kratom Dosage: Newbie Edition

The most important thing for a newbie is to choose a reputed vendor who will provide quality Kratoms. Secondly, he/she should take the help of someone who mastered the dosage of Kratoms. If you have someone who has experience in making Kratoms, you can take advice from that person, and this is probably the best option. 

The Correct Dose: Pro Edition

As you have the experience, you now know about the dosage, and if you’re confused about your tolerance level, you’ll do a few experiments and understand your tolerance level. And, you know what to do next. Enjoy your dosage! 


If you start consuming Kratoms daily, you’ll eventually increase your tolerance level. For instance, you should start with a small dose like 2 grams. After a few days of consecutive consumption, you’ll feel that 2 grams are not giving you the same results as earlier, and you’ll need more. This is called tolerance increasing. And it’s not your bank account that will do good to you if it gets higher. Eventually, you will have health issues if you grow your tolerance level. 

Final Words

I tried to help new users as well as experienced ones through this Kratom dosage guide. I hope you may find this useful and enjoy your dosage in the right way that will not make you suffer in the future.

I suggest you not to increase your tolerance regardless of who you are: a newbie or an old user. However, following this guide will help you to use the Kratoms for your good.

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