Kratom Extract vs Powder

The moment you figure out the right Kratom strain for you, you get confused between what form of Kratom would be the best to use.

Yes, I know that feeling, and trust me, we have all been to the realm of Kratom confusion.

You don’t have to feel like the lost Alice in Kratom wonderland anymore. In this guide, you will get all the details of Kratom extract vs powder.

Though Kratom has been used by the natives of Southeast Asia for a long time, the modern world discovered its benefits in recent years. This miraculous herb can treat physical and mental discomfort with excellence.

As we are evolving, now we care about the well-being of our health more than ever. Before we start any medication, we research about it and try to be familiar with all the effects and side effects.

We double-check every medication even though doctors prescribed it. And trust me; it is a wise thing to do for our health’s sake.

If we keep taking artificial medicines for a long time, it leaves an adverse effect on our body. For instance, long-term sedative medication can cause amnesia, blurred vision, anxiety, impaired reflexes, and liver failure.

And I don’t even want to embark on the side effects of synthetic pain killers right now.

All-natural medicine like Kratom feels like a grace when it eases all our physical and emotional distress without any severe side effects.

If you have decided to replace some of your artificial medicines with Kratom, we would love to help you reach its full potential.

Now, let’s get to know everything you need to learn about Kratom’s best forms and how to ingest them.

Kratom Extract vs Powder

What are the diversities between Kratom extract and Kratom powder?

Kratom powder is made from whole dried leaves of Kratom plants. The larger Kratom leaves are dried and finely crushed to make a good quality Kratom powder. It is the most widespread appearance of Kratom strains, and they are also very affordable.

On the other hand, Kratom extract is a more concentrated version of Kratom powder. To make a Kratom extraction, add your Kratom powder in water, bring it to a boil, and simmer it until it’s reduced to an extract like consistency.

Then strain the extraction using cheesecloth or whatever filter you have. The extraction process’s goal is to pull out all the alkaloids of the Kratom leaves in a liquid, powerful form.

There are many reputed shops that sell premium quality and additive-free Kratom extract so; you don’t have to make it at home.

Because of the density of alkaloids in Kratom extract, it is a potent form of Kratom strains. And due to its extraction process and amount of Kratom used in it, extracts are very expensive.

To help you pick the right form of Kratom for yourself, I am giving a brief analysis of Kratom liquid extract vs. powder below.

The concentration of the solution

Drinks with Kratom extracts are way too powerful than the solution we make with Kratom powder. But the best element is you can be in charge of the strength of the Kratom drink by regulating the amount of extract you add. On the other hand, you can’t have power over the strength of your powder solution just as easily.

Moreover, if the Kratom extract has been extracted from fresh herbs, it will contain more nutritional properties than Kratom powder. Though Kratom extract is very expensive, a little amount goes a long way as you have to dilute it in water or any liquid of your choice.

But you should be watchful while using Kratom extract because of its immense potency. If you go reckless with the dosage, it may result in a hazardous situation.

Ability of absorption

As the Kratom extract contains almost 90% water, it is highly soluble in any kind of drink and food. Every now and then it may be a little tricky to mix Kratom powder with foods and ingest it. But if you mix Kratom extract with drinks or foods, you won’t even feel it’s there.

In addition to that, Kratom extract comes in oil and tincture form. So, it can be easily used in soaps, body lotions, or for other uses.

Digestion process

To be honest, Kratom does not taste good; it tastes quite bitter. Some Kratom strains even have a pungent smell. So, it’s not easy for us to swallow a Kratom drink without any awful expression. Some of us will be troubled while sipping a cup of Kratom tea infused with Kratom powder.

By contrast, as you need to add a tiny amount of Kratom extract, it will not bring any change of taste in the food or drink. So, if you are bothered by the smell and taste of Kratom, use the extract to get rid of this problem.

Potency of Kratom extract and powder

As I revealed before, Kratom extract is extremely powerful than Kratom powder. The density of the alkaloids in Kratom extract is insanely higher than the Kratom powder. For instance, one tablespoon of Kratom extract is ten thousand times stronger than one tablespoon Kratom powder.

That is why you need to be focused and cautious while using Kratom extract.

Dosage of Kratom Extract and powder

Now I have come to the part of the question, how much Kratom extract to take vs. kratom powder. Here lies your answer to this Kratom confusion.

Kratom only works efficiently when it’s taken in a proper dosage. Otherwise, it will never give you the effectiveness you want. A small dose of 1-2 gram Kratom powder provides a stimulating effect, a mild 3-4 grams can give you a nice calming, and a sedating effect and a higher dose of 5-6 grams will provide a strong analgesic effect.

On the other hand, Kratom extracts are measured in a complicated way. The manufacturers indicate the extract’s potency as 10x or 5x grade. These numbers are the amount of Kratom leaves and powders that were used to make this extract. It is a very complicated process to figure out the dosage of Kratom extracts.

In short, Kratom powders have a very easy measurement process, while the Kratom extracts are extremely complicated to understand. Therefore, it is better to use Kratom powder if you don’t want to go through math problems and a time-consuming process.

Do not forget that the first and foremost rule of consuming Kratom is to start with a very low dose. Then gradually make your way up with your Kratom strain to find your sweet spot. Do not go crazy with your dosage in the beginning to ruin your rest of the Kratom journey.

The storing process

Kratom powder needs to be kept far from sunlight and UV-rays, or it will lose its potency. You have to keep your Kratom powder in the dark and cold place, away from humidity. Keep your Kratom powder away from moisture at any cost.

By contrast, Kratom extract is already in a liquid form. So, don’t fret about moisture, but you must keep it in a cool and dry place.

The shelf life of extract and powder

Majority of the Kratom consumers prefer to use the powder. But the Kratom powder indeed has a shorter shelf life, meaning you can’t store it for a long time. Even if you toss your Kratom in an airtight plastic bag, whenever you will open it, the powder will come in touch of the Oxygen. The powder is also prone to bacteria and fungus. So, over time, it will keep losing its effectiveness.

On the other hand, Kratom extracts last longer than the powder and not vulnerable to bacteria and fungus.

Taste of the Kratom powder and extract

As both extract and powder come from the Kratom leaves, they taste the same. And they do not taste like candy, to be honest. However, as you need to put a little amount of the extract on your drink or food, you can’t feel the intensity of the bitterness.

Alternatively, powders are a bit hard to swallow even when mixed in a drink. If you are ingesting a strong Kratom strain like red Maeng Da, you may feel a burning sensation. It also gets caught in the teeth and mouth cavity, which is not a beautiful thing. 

But what’s in the taste, right? It is an herbal medication, not a donut, and we intake it for its remarkable benefits. So, the taste of Kratom strains does not matter as long it’s reducing our distress.

There are also some other forms of Kratom strains like capsules, tea bags, crushed leaves, raw leaves, and whole dried leaves. Capsules are filled with Kratom powder, which is easy to intake. And in the battle of the popularity of the Kratom leaf vs. powder. Vs. Extract, the powder and extract are on the winning team.

What should we choose between Kratom powder and Kratom extract?

I know we can’t get through the Kratom powder vs. Kratom extract discussion without answering this question. Every coin has an opposite side; there is nothing perfect in this universe, just like Kratom powder and extract. There are both impressive and unimpressive features in Kratom extract and powder.

Kratom extract is highly potent, long-lasting, easy to consume and absorb. Yet it is too risky if not measured the dosage properly and very expensive and may contain additives.

On the other hand, Kratom powder is widely available, affordable, easy to measure, has a simple ingestion procedure, but also has a shorter shelf life and difficult to ingest.

So, it depends on your preference that what form is going to be suitable for you. You have to make this decision solely; we are here to support, suggest, and respect your decision.

Hopefully, I have given you all the necessary information regarding Kratom extract vs powder. Now let’s dive into some additional information about Kratom strain and its usage.

Some frequently asked questions about Kratom and their answers:

1. How long does Kratom stay on your system?

Answer: How long does Kratom stay in your systems depends on many biological factors like your metabolism, genetics, height, weight, build, body fat, gender, and age. It also depends on your food habit, emotional state, lifestyle, water intake, frequency, types, and the dosage of Kratom strain you consume.

2. Can you get addicted to Kratom, and are there any withdrawal effects?

Answer: Though Kratom isn’t addictive, you may get dependent on it if you take a high dose daily. And when it happens, and you want to get rid of it, you may feel some withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms of Kratom are:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and runny nose
  • Sweating and Hot Flashes
  • Insomnia and restless leg
  • Upset stomach and loss of appetite
  • Headache and muscle spasm

These symptoms may appear if a Kratom withdrawal occurs. You can take a shower, listen to music, or take a walk to deal with these symptoms and you will be fine. But if these get severe, consult a doctor.

3. What are the general side effects of Kratom strains, and how often do they occur?

Answer: If you take your Kratom dosage properly, you will never feel any side effects. But an overdose can cause some mild discomfort like:

  • Nausea
  • Itchiness
  • Headache
  • Stomach ache
  • Dry mouth
  •  Runny nose
  • Talkativeness
  •  Increased urination

To avoid these unpleasant feelings, keep away from a high dose and give one or two day’s gap between your Kratom dosages.

4. What are the long term side effects of Kratom strains?

Answer: Though there is no report of any long term side effects, it may cause Anorexia, insomnia, and hallucination.

5. What can we add to make Kratom stronger?

Answers: Studies have shown that grapefruit, orange juice, and other acidic beverages like apple cider vinegar can make Kratom stronger. 

Final Words

Sometimes we get confused about Kratom related things because it is such a versatile herb. There are so many types, qualities, and forms to choose from.

But I hope now you have a clear conception about Kratom extract vs powder and so, you can take some rock-solid decision about consuming Kratom.

Just be patient and careful with the dosage; everything will turn out to be great.

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