Kratom for Weight Loss

Nature has granted us with a lot of blessings, some are exposed, and some are hidden. There are plentiful organic elements that help us get rid of our physical and mental problems, and Kratom is one of them. 

Kratom is a potent sedative, a powerful analgesic, muscle relaxer, and an efficient stimulator. Additionally, it works as an effective weight loss supplement. And many people aren’t aware of this amazing hidden quality of this herbal substance.

From ancient times, people have been using Kratom to ease their anxiety and physical discomfort. Weight loss has added a new dimension in the realm of Kratom’s astonishing benefits. 

So, if you decide to choose Kratom for weight loss that would be one of the best decisions.

Kratom for weight loss

How Does Kratom help to fight your problems?

Kratom is an herbal supplement traditionally used in Southeast Asia as an element of energy booster and pain killer. Kratom’s fresh and dried leaves can be used as powder, liquid extract, gum, or pill. People used to eat them with food, mix them into tea, smoke them, chew Kratom leaves, or brew the dried leaves.

Kratom helps to reduce weight both through direct and indirect ways. This quality makes it unique to any other supplements for weight loss.

Kratom is vastly known for its varieties of uses and benefits. The reason why people used to take Kratom is that; it works as a pain killer. Many reports indicate that Kratom can be a dependable substitute for drug users, especially for opiates users. Kratom is a natural substance, but its benefits are out of our imagination. Some will wonder once we explain it in detail.

Pain and anxiety reliever:

Kratom is magic for your pain. It has been doing a tremendous job of removing pain. Most importantly, today, many people are suffering from anxiety.

They try hard to recover from anxiety. But Kratom is here to help you to overcome your long time anxiety. Many researchers found that mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine may help control pain by attributing proteins called opioid receptors, reducing pain perception.  

Mood changer:

Okay, are you feeling bore or are you in an insightful mood? Is it hard for you to give attention to anything? Do not be sad since we are here to give you the suitable medicine which will help you improve your mood.

Boost your energy:

Today, we get barely any time to exercise for our work pressure or sometimes for our laziness. But Kratom will assist you to boost up your energy. Therefore, you can enjoy a productive day.

Make you positive:

You may wonder about how Kratom can make you stay focused. While taking Kratom, it also induces acetylcholine. And we all know that acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter. It allows you to be dedicated.

Cognitive enhancer:

Kratom can be a great cognitive enhancer. It will make you more productive and aids in reducing tolerance. However, it is used as a stimulant at low doses and sedative at high doses. Moreover, it is a recreational drug, painkiller, and medicine for diarrhea treatment, opiate addiction, and chronic pain relief.

Enhance physical performance:

Kratom affects you by decreasing social inhibition and making you feel better in social interactions. Different types of Kratom make you pro-social and encourage you to follow social behavior. Moreover, it makes you productive for hours. Again, you can use them for prolonged orgasms. They are very effective in enhancing sexual performance.

Kratom is widely appreciated for its seductive attitude. It works in such a way that it helps you remove your habit of taking other drugs such as marijuana and opium.

It is good news for the diabetes patients that many reports indicate Kratom can help the patients stabilize the sugar level. So you need not worry. These are some of the common benefits of Kratom. It is so amazing that a mere leaf can be so beneficial.

The ways Kratom Helps with Weight Loss:

Recent statistics indicate that more than 65% of Americans are overweight. There are many causes for it, but the doctors are prescribing weight loss pills, which worsens the situation. In the case of Kratom, it gives you a variety of psychological and physical health benefits. It is a supportive appetite suppressant and energy booster.

Now, let’s talk about how Kratom works as an effective weight loss supplement.

Kratom works as an excellent weight loss supplement. It has successfully treated a large group of people who were suffering from obesity.

We researched and found some information about the experience of the people who used Kratom as a weight loss supplement.

We have got a report on the benefits of Kratom for weight loss. In that report, we noticed something new that also surprised us a lot.

Our study says Kratom is the natural product that can be a source of many blessings, especially for bulky people. From this, we will surely come to know about the effectiveness of Kratom. A report from WHO states people are suffering from obesity have raised to triple since 1975.

In the three ways given below, Kratom helps use to reduce weight:

1. Kratom is a master for taking away your appetite. You may not feel hungry for a couple of hours if you ingest Kratom. There are two ways Kratom declines your appetite:

  • At first, somatic Kratom in your stomach can help you lose your appetite, making some people nauseous.
  • Secondly, we got some studies where we have found that opioid receptor agonists can help to control hunger signals, along with eating problems.

2. If you consume Kratom at a lower dose, it will provide a stimulating effect. Especially white and green Kratom strain works as a potent stimulator. Kratom can give you an energy boost, relax your muscle, and makes you feel elated. 

Because of the energy enhancement you get from Kratom, you will not feel tired for some hours if you do not eat any food. And this is another way that Kratom helps you to lose weight.

3. Kratom has the power to enhance your cognitive quality and makes your concentration better. It makes your mind sharp and helps you to be determined. So, you can think clearly, and you can give attention to your goal of losing weight.

So, this is how Kratom effectively aids in losing weight. But if you want to get the full potential of Kratom in losing your weight, you may follow some tips. They are:

1. Maintain a healthy diet along with Kratom:

Though you will not feel hungry for several hours, you will feel the hunger eventually. Therefore, when you feel hungry, eat nutritious foods instead of oily junk foods. Keep maintaining a healthy diet, so Kratom can give you the benefits you desired.

2. Do a little workout

I know you must be saying that, if you had the time to exercise, you would not be searching for an organic solution like Kratom. But trust me; your exercise will enhance Kratom’s potential to help you with losing weight.

The effect of Kratom greatly depends on your metabolism. Moreover, what type of person are you, inactive or active, this quality also affects Kratom’s working process. So, it would help if you do some exercises to boost your metabolism. Trust me; Kratom will work faster if you keep working out.

And the most excellent part is that if you are sore from exercise, Kratom will help you relax your muscle and remove your pain.

3. Reduce your caffeine intake

Kratom is an energy enhancer already, and it gives you a caffeine-like effect on your body without the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. So, if you continue to take caffeine along with Kratom doses, you may feel unpleasant discomfort. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from caffeine while you are on Kratom.

So, if you use Kratom for weight loss, you will attain great benefits from it. Kratom will help you to achieve your goal of having a healthy body.

Best Kratom strains for weight loss and its suitable dosage:

We can observe there are many reasons people around the globe take Kratom. But Kratom can be a great friend for us in losing our weight.

But the important information for this is your weight loss depends on your appropriate consumption of Kratom. Some people take Kratom at their sweet will, which may cause insomnia and a soothing mood in them and take for it in this way for a long time can decline your health. Bearing all these, you must know how to take Kratom for weight loss. 

You will find there are several reasons why people take Kratom. We will take it, but it should not be in an appropriate way. Remember, Kratom dosage depends on factors that will determine you are consuming it plans for a long time.

Factors that manipulate the effect of Kratom are: 

  • Your weight and height
  • Your emotional state and metabolism
  • Your lifestyle and eating habit
  • The dosage of Kratom you are taking
  • The type of Kratom strain you are ingesting

There are plentiful types of Kratom strain around you. Some of them are potent analgesic; some of them act as a strong sedative. So, it is quite easy to find a Kratom strain for those benefits. But finding a something like this is a tricky business. Therefore, let me help you to figure out your suitable Kratom strain.

  • How Much you should Take

How much Kratom will help us lose weight depends on the dosage and the type of strain we are consuming. So let’s talk about the dosage first.

At a lower dose, almost every Kratom strain provides a stimulating effect. And depending on the strain, a stronger dose provides potent sedative or analgesic effects. So, for losing weight, you need to find out the perfect dosage that will help.

If you only want to lose weight, we recommend you take 2-5 doses of Kratom strain. The frequent use of Kratom depends on your body since only your body will show the symptom. All types of Kratom are not equally effective. 

Though red vein Thai and Maeng Da kratom strains are to increase tolerance, they can have a negative impact. So it’s better not to use them regularly.

The duration of the effectiveness of Kratom lasts for five to six hours. However, once taken on an empty stomach, the effects are felt 30-40 minutes after ingestion. If you got much food, it might take time (60-80 minutes) before it gets affected. On the other hand, if you take it in capsules, the effects may take time since capsules take time to dissolve.

So, in cases of dosage, how should we approach? You know dosage depends on person to person. So the strain and color of Kratom is an important thing. But you can try to experiment with Kratom in the following way.

  • Beginner dose (up to 2 g)
  • A moderate dose (up to 5 g)
  • A strong dose (up to 8 g)
  • Very strong/overwhelming dose (10 g or more)

Okay, if you desire to use Kratom for losing weight, we would like to suggest you start with a very low dose so that you can observe the total impact upon you and how it controls you, or you can control it.

So you might ask how often to use Kratom for weight loss. Just experiment it by yourself and try to understand which dosage suits you most. The use of Kratom depends on the metabolism and tolerance level of your body. You can use white Kratom regularly, but you should not take other strains daily. However, red-colored Thai Kratom works well to lose weight. It works.

You can use Kratom powder in different ways for weight loss. We can find some of the most reliable methods.

  • Add to tea 

This method is applied by boiling the Kratom powder for 30 minutes. You can make an iced tea or brew a hot cup of tea, that’s totally up to your choice.

  • Add to yogurt:

You can add Kratom to your yogurt. Some Kratom strains taste bitter and have a pungent smell. So it will help you to balance the flavor.

  • Mix in your protein shake

Protein contains more calories than yogurt. Many users have found this combination a good one.

  • Capsule form

Kratom capsules are very convenient and work proficiently. Now many people are taking capsules as a substitute for other supplements.

We will observe how often to use Kratom for weight loss and how effective Kratom is in different dosages.

  • A moderate can enhance energy and focus (up to 5 gm)
  • A high dose can relieve you from pain(up to 15 gm)
  • A risky dose is a sedation (more than 15 gm)

When you take your dosage, notice how it works on you. If you find it suitable, you can go for the best. The dosage depends on the certain changes on your body with the combination of energy, focus and suppression.

Now, let’s talk about the best Kratom for weight loss.

It should reduce our calories without starving ourselves. There are quick and easy ways to get the best effect from it without eating so much. No doubt, you are just wondering. Okay, here I am talking about Kratom. Now, we may ask, what is the best Kratom for weight loss?

If you want to get the highest assistance from it, you must take the suitable one. You will have many choices like Maeng Da strains and Thai Kratom, which will be the finest type for weight loss. And there is also a White vein strain in the group.

Let’s get to know about some most effective Kratoms for losing weight.

1. Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is also effective, but it varies depending on the vendor and its quality. Maeng da strains may be a little stimulating; others may have more sedative stuff. It is simply unmatched in terms of the energy that it provides you. It helps to improve your cognitive function.

It will also improve your gym regimes, allowing you to push your muscles harder and recover faster in time for your next workout. It is a taste extinguisher. So you can burn your calories without making you more.

2. Thai Kratom Strain

It works as the most potent for a hunger suppressant because it has the energy and stimulating properties.

However, the Thai strain is stronger than the white vein strain. But it works by suppressing appetite without the effect of intense energy like the other mentioned two types.

3. Bali Strain

We would like to suggest Bali strains, the red, Indo strains. But you should avoid Borneo Kratom strains if you want to lose weight. Borneo Kratom strains are famous for their intense soothing effect. Therefore, this particular quality of Borneo Kratom strains tends to increase the appetite. 

4. Red Bali Kratom Strains

Red Bali is unmatched in its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant. Generally, it calms and relaxes your mind to the point where you can take your focus on eating all the time. Stress-induced overeating is arguably the main reason behind the obesity epidemic. It decreases your tendency to overeat.

5. White Horn Kratom

White horn Kratom works as a tool for gearing up your physical and mental health. It is very effective as a mood elevator. Moreover, you will feel a frequent peace and serenity. Your mindset diverges to a more positive thing.

However, with consistent usage, this effect can vanish. Even though the increased appetite will disappear, this Kratom tends to be still less effective than the others that are mention. Each color, strain and each type has different simplification. 

We would suggest using white vein Kratom for weight loss if you take Kratom regularly because it is mild and less tolerant. So you can take it regularly. There is no doubt about the safety of Kratom for human consumption, depending on the right dosage. Kratom overdose might cause you serious side effects. 

Do not decide to take a Kratom for a whole since the red strain is good for you but has some problems with this. So I would like to suggest you do not take a high dose continuously, start with a low one and a suitable one.

Another problem, today, we are facing is to take fast food, but the white horn removes your desire to eat.

If you ask me which one I would take, I am ready to suggest you Green Malay and White Borneo.

How long should you take Kratom?

Many people used to take Cannabis, and we know a lot about it. In the case of Kratom, it is a newer version. About 2.5 million Americans are trying Kratom every year since people are relieved from long-lasting ache or easing opioid take away signs. It is to get without any prescription. 

We got a report on Kratom’s use; it shows from 2011 to 2017 that the Kratom users have reached more than 50-fold. So the use of Kratom has exploded in America. 

We advise you to take Kratom according to the recommended dosage. But the best advice would be to start with low since you are a new user.  

In this way, this will show a perfect dosage when you use Kratom on an empty stomach. It works by increasing potency of appetite suppression and craving reduction. It is crucial to know that if you are using Kratom for weight loss, how many days should you take for it.

If you take Kratom daily, you will develop forbearance for its special effects. You continuously have to take higher amounts to get the same effects. Tolerance does not develop when you take Kratom occasionally.

Meanwhile, the active elements in Kratom are opium receptor agonists. It means that some people will need to have higher doses since they have increased easiness of their sedative drugs. For losing weight, you must know about the best Kratom.

We will answer this by showing you some important findings that we gather while experimenting with Kratom. We found some patients with obesity lost 10-12 pounds in 40-45 days. And they got no side effects. Some studies showed the patients lost 15-20 pounds in only six months. Can you believe how efficiently Kratom works?

Buy Kratom strains to help with Weight Loss

If you are a health-conscious human being, maybe you have heard or read about Kratom. It is a substance traded as an energy producer, mood enhancer, and ache remover. Overall, it is a therapy for opioid removal. It helps us in many ways.  

If you tend to reduce your weight, you should not start with a high dose. Remember, if you are not suited to Kratom, if you take such a dose, a sudden dose may make you feel irritated.

But some vendors try to mix unusual herbs and other things with it; as a result, Kratom loses its effectiveness. So, we should not judge the efficiency of Kratom by buying from these unscrupulous vendors. You will find many vendors or internet-based selling platforms on the internet that are ready to provide you with a money-back guarantee.

Here is a list of vendors who sell high-quality, pure, and addictive free Kratom.

1. Buy Kratom

Buy kratom is a dependable platform. It packs with a white and red variety pack. Moreover, there are other options for you since you can buy kratom variety packs from The Evergreen tree. Now it is ready to give natural, pure and original supply chain products.

2. The Evergreen tree

 The Evergreen tree deals with loose powder and capsules (which are truly great for convenience and beginners), and they will give a variety of feelings and assistance. Moreover, it will provide you with natural, organic, without additives and authentic.

3. Coastline Kratom:

Now I will tell you about Coastline Kratom. They used to sell both capsules and loose powder. It has exquisite authenticity, but it is a little more expensive than the other two places. They also do a beginner pack, which comprises a pouch of red, green, and white Kratom to start. They are also ready to give you purest quality, free shopping in the U.S. and fast shopping facilities.

Moreover, all these will help you buy Kratom. Furthermore, you have to experiment which suits you best. But ensure cent percent quality and purity.

You will find that several online merchants (In countries where it is legal) sell dried Kratom leaves, extracts, or both. But you have to be aware of misleading labels and marketing hype. 

Precautions you should take while you are on Kratom:

Those who have been already thin should not take it regularly. And if you do so, take more frequently. Kratom has some unsafe features. Kratom has serious side effects such as hallucination, seizures. FDA states that continuous use of Kratom can cause a severe problem. It is clear that Kratom comes to affect within a short time, and its effects last for 2-5 hours. However, if you increase the quantity, the effects will go up.

However, there is much confusion over how often to use Kratom for weight loss. It depends on the tolerance level of your body. Regular users know well that Kratom works best on a bare stomach. However, before Kratom gets the chance to defeat your hunger and decrease thirst, Kratom is ready to help with everything. Since you are a user, you used to take your meal according to your consumption of Kratom. 

Moreover, you will feel a different feeling while using Kratom. Remember this; you will get some side effects. They are nausea, dry mouth, frequent urination, dizziness, mood changes, dry mouth, drowsiness and constipation.

These symptoms are not the same for all. It depends on the tolerance system of the body. D.C. (the centers for disease control and prevention) reported that poison control centers received many calls. They got minor side effects.

But taking Kratom should not be a regular practice. For this, a person should take once or twice a week to ensure that you are not addicted. So you will acquire solace from it once you avoid habituation by using it. We should remember that many people used to try many horrible things to lose weight. But these practices may cause many dangerous problems.

Moreover, if weight loss isn’t your main goal, you will likely see a few inches off your waist soon.

Kratom’s withdrawal and addiction symptoms:

As Kratom is an organic medicine, it does not come with severe side effects like artificial medications. But a long time usage of Kratom can be addictive. So it would be better if you do not get dependent on it.

To avoid Kratom-addiction, you can follow the tips given below:

  • Keep changing your Kratom strain. Do not use the same strain for a long time.
  • Avoid a higher dosage of Kratom strains. There are many Kratom that works fine if taken in a medium dose. A regular higher dose is the main reason behind Kratom-addiction.
  • Do not use it as an alternative for recreational drugs. Use Kratom strains for sole medical purposes.
  • If possible, take your Kratom after giving a little gap. Maintain a routine and put a gap between your every dosage.

Though Kratom contains opioid compounds, it does not have any severe withdrawal symptoms like opioid withdrawal. But, some of the withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Muscle pain and restless leg
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hot flashes and sweating
  • Tremor and cramping
  • Insomnia and fatigue

These symptoms show up gently, so you do not have to worry about it. You can take a shower, go for a walk, listen to music, watch a movie, or take a nap to ease your discomfort. For severe symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Final Words

If you have decided to take Kratom for weight loss, you must know the details. All types of Kratom are not of the same quality. Some are for your strength booster, and others have different traits. 

Again, if you start your voyage with Kratom, start with a low dose and gradually go for high doses. Once you feel discomfort, leave the medicine.

Once you use Kratom and it becomes suitable for your body, you will realize how to take Kratom for weight loss. Thus, you will start to get benefits from it.

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