Where To Buy Kratom Tea

Have you ever had opioid-based painkillers and sedatives? Kratom, a Southeast Asian plant, gives you the same effect minus the ruthless side effects. Natives of that region used to chew Kratom leaves to ease their pain, elate their mood, and boost energy.

Since we do not have access to live Kratom plants, we have to depend on substitutes like Kratom tea, powder, extract, and capsules.

As Kratom tea is the most used method of consuming Kratom, we should have a clear knowledge about where to buy Kratom tea and enjoy the full benefit of it.

Preparation of the Kratom Tea:

You do not need proper instructions to brew a cup of Kratom tea. You can make it like any other tea you regularly take; it is not exactly rocket science.

The best way to make a Kratom tea is to simmer your water on low heat instead of boiling. On high heat, Kratom’s alkaloids will be destroyed, and you will get zero benefits from it.

To make your Kratom tea, put your water on the stove, bring it to simmer, and add your Kratom powder. After two or three minutes, turn off the heat and steep your tea using a cheesecloth filter afterward.

Though Kratom powder can be consumed in different ways, Kratom tea bags will make your job much easier. You can also apply the double-boiler technique to make your Kratom tea. So, if you want to know where to buy Kratom tea bags, we will recommend some stores.

Where to buy Kratom tea

To be honest, Kratom does not taste good at all. It tastes quite bitter, and some of the Kratom strains have a pungent smell. So you can add sweeteners like honey, sugar, or any artificial sweetener of your choice. To get rid of the smell, you can mix it with flavorful tea like jasmine or chamomile tea.

If you do not want any sweet treat added to your Kratom tea, you can double the water to reduce the bitterness. It will not lessen the effectiveness as long as you gulp the whole drink.  Moreover, you can add lemon slices, lime, or grapefruit juice for more potency.

We would like to recommend that you brew your Kratom tea with Kratom powder or teabags. Kratom extract may come out too strong if not measured with caution, and the alkaloids of the extract will break down even at the low heat.

If you are thinking about sipping a cup of Kratom tea but don’t know where to buy Kratom tea online, we will help you.

Details of dosages and safety precautions regarding Kratom tea:

As you learned how to make a serving of Kratom tea, you should know about the proper dosages and safety issues regarding this drink.

Appropriate Dosages of Kratom tea:

The first and foremost rule of ingesting any forms of Kratom strain is to start with a very low dose. The amount of doses is not the only thing that manipulates Kratom’s effect on your body. It depends on various issues like your mental strength, metabolic rate, gender, physique, lifestyle, food habits, water intake, and biochemistry of your body. So, you don’t have to go extreme with the doses of your Kratom strain.

Firstly, to understand your proper dosage, you have to discover the Kratom strain that suits you best. To figure that out, experiment with various Kratom strain to find out the perfect one for you. And while experimenting, try them at a lower dose because you don’t know what they are going to do with you yet.

After successfully discovering your suitable Kratom strain, start mixing a low dose of 2-3 grams of Kratom powder in your tea. If you fall short to get the preferred result, gradually raise your amount of dosage until you find the amount that kicks you.

Usually, a mild dosage of 3-5 grams of Kratom powder gets the job done. And if it doesn’t, you can go up to 6 grams, but we don’t recommend that. But it is the normal ratio of Kratom’s dosage. As you are brewing tea, never use more than 2-3 grams of Kratom powder. Otherwise, you will never enjoy a sip of that tea.

Precautions you need to take while consuming Kratom tea:

Though it is organic, Kratom is a potent analgesic and sedative substance. So you must take some necessary precautions to stay away from unlikable situations. The precautions you need to take are:

•      Do not exceed the recommended higher dose. An overdose can cause placid side effects.

•      Avoid taking a higher dose of Kratom strain with your tea.

•    Do not boil your water on high heat or for a long time. It will break down the alkaloids of Kratom.

• You should not keep your Kratom tea in a refrigerator. Always brew a fresh cup of Kratom tea to reach its full potential.

•   After brewing a hot cup of tea, let it sit for 2-3 minutes for better infusion. Then enjoy a warm cup of fresh Kratom tea.

Side effects of consuming Kratom Strain:

Every coin has two sides; every natural substance has positive and negative effects. And Kratom strains are not different than that as it has both beneficial and adverse side effects.

Let’s spread the positivity and discuss the positive side effects of Kratom at first.

Positive Side effects of Kratom:            

Potent pain reliever

Kratom is the most efficient organic replacement of pharmaceutical painkillers. As we already know that synthetic painkillers can cause kidney failure, liver damage, and muscle spasm. Therefore, we should stop using these pain Killers and swap them with organic medication like Kratom.

If we intake Kratom in a proper amount of doses, it will not give us any adverse side effects like those artificial painkillers. A mild to a higher dose of Kratom can relieve us from any kind of pain. If you want to get great benefits from Kratom as a pain reliever, choose a Kratom strain with pain-killing properties more than sedative or stimulating components.

Stimulating effects:

The native farmers of Indonesia used to chew Kratom leaves to enhance their energy levels. Since then, Kratom has been a source of organic energy boost among Kratom consumers.

At a low dose, Kratom can deliver excellent stimulating effects. So if you want to enhance your energy for a long day of work, you can take a sip of your Kratom tea and leave for office. It will keep you active throughout the day, and it will also help you to get rid of social awkwardness and nervousness.

You can also take it after returning home from work to remove all the anxiety and stress that you had while you were outside.

A great organic sedative:

Kratom can create opioid-like effects but without the side effects of opium-based sedatives. Long-term usage of pharmaceutical sedative can cause drowsiness, amnesia, confusion, and dizziness. On the other hand, Kratom is an all-natural sedative that has zero side effects.

Kratom has successfully treated severe cases of insomnia. It removes your anxiety and allows you to have a good night’s sleep. If you are a light sleeper, Kratom can give you a restful night of sleep without interruption.

A mild to a high dose of Kratom can give you an amazing sedative effect.

An excellent mood enhancer:

Local inhabitants of Southeast Asia use Kratom as a traditional recreational drug for their celebrations. They do it because Kratom has the amazing quality of enhancing your mood. A higher dose of Kratom strain can give you a euphoric effect on your mind.

Kratom can successfully fight depressive symptoms and make you feel cheerful. But we don’t recommend using it frequently to elate your mood.

An amazing nerve and muscle relaxer:

Kratom has an astonishing quality of calming your nerves and make your muscle relaxed. It calms your nerves and relaxes your muscles so you can enjoy a delightful time. Kratom can reduce nervousness, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and restlessness.

Kratom also helps you control high blood pressure and diabetes, aids in losing weight and improves blood circulation and vitality. It is a versatile herb that can help you get rid of many of your problems at once.

A fighter against opiate-withdrawal symptoms:

In recent years, opioid addiction has increased to a rate that researchers call it “The opiate epidemic.” And to get rid of opiate addiction, Kratom is the most effective substance, let me explain how.

Opioids are the greatest pain reliever out there, but it comes with two dangerous side effects; addiction and respiratory depression. People get easily addicted to opiate drugs, and the withdrawal symptoms are brutal. The respiratory depressions start with shallow breathing and may result in respiratory failure.

Opiate drugs reach your brain using your blood flow and bind with the receptors to relieve pain. The alkaloids of Kratom work in the same way without giving you a respiratory depression.

Opiate addicts can replace their drug with Kratom to get rid of their addiction with minimum withdrawal effects.

So considering all the benefits of it, you have to know where to buy Kratom tea in the city you live so you can buy Kratom and enjoy its benefits.

Negative side effects of Kratom:

The side effects of Kratom are not dangerous at all. You can treat it at home unless you have abused Kratom. Some of the frequent negative side effects of Kratom are:

•      Nausea and Vomiting

•      Headache and Stomach ache

•      Constipation and Frequent urination

•      Restless leg and Talkativeness

Though long-term negative side effects are rare, abuses of Kratom can result in long-term side effects such as:

•      Anorexia

•      Rapid weight loss

•      Insomnia

To avoid these unpleasant side effects, stay away from taking high doses of Kratom. If one particular strain isn’t working for you, switch to another one.

Legal issues:

Because of its similarity to opiate alike drugs, many people started to abuse Kratom strain. So, some countries have banned Kratom in their nation. Even in the US, Kratom isn’t legal in every state. That’s why Kratom can be hard to get for some people. It is kind of risky to move it between states. Though some online shops offer international delivery, if it’s not legal in your country, it can’t pass the borders.

Where can you get premium quality Kratom?

If you decided to start consuming Kratom strain, you might already know that it is widely available in online shops. But like any other people, you have tried to look for where to buy Kratom tea close by your place. Though some local smoke shops and bars sell Kratom these days, we recommend that you should not purchase from them.

You should not get your Kratom strain from a local vendor, because there are 98% chances that you will get a cheap quality Kratom. Most of the vendors are selling Kratom recently because it’s a hot topic. Everyone is into Kratom these days. So, they stock up Kratom to earn some hard cash. The majority of them have zero ideas about Kratom and its types, dosages, origins, or anything!

So, avoid buying Kratom from any local shop or seller and purchase from online shops instead. Many reputed premium online shops sell 100% original and additive-free Kratom strain.

Premium online sellers of Kratom sell their products with a certificate that proves their Kratom strain’s authenticity. Some shops do lab tests on their own and publish all the details on their website. Therefore, you can get to know every tiny detail you need to know about Kratom.

Here are some other benefits that you will get if you shop from online Kratom sellers:

•      Online Kratom shops vendor numerous Kratom strain and so you can explore a ton of options.

•      You can get a clear idea about a particular Kratom strain and its effects, dosages, strength, and origin.

•      Some online shops offer a mix variety pack or small quantity variety pack. It will help you to experiment and discover your Kratom strain.

•      You will often get special deals, discounts, and free delivery, which will save you a pile of hard cash!

So, it would be the most prudent choice to buy Kratom from reputed online shops. As there are many Kratom shops out there, let us suggest you some premium Kratom vendors who sell high-quality Kratom strains with a guarantee.

1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is one of the trendiest Kratom vendors and successfully satisfying a huge client base with its high-quality products. You can get your Kratom strains at a very affordable price and a guarantee that their Kratom is the best of the bests.

This shop also vendor live Kratom plants with specialized soil and manual instruction. So, you can grow your Kratom plant on your own at home. They also sell Kratom at a wholesale rate.

Coastline Kratom often sells Kratom strains, and they have a huge collection of Kratom strains. For a beginner, Coastline Kratom is a great place to start.

2. The Golden Monk

Despite being one of the newer Kratom shops, The Golden Monk has become one of the top Kratom vendors. Their Kratom strains are so good that their customers are ready to swear by their Kratom strains.

The Golden monk regularly offers special deals and discounts to reduce your cost. They also have top of the class customer service that is very responsive, polite, and friendly.

Not all Kratom sellers accept credit card payments. But The Golden Monk is happy to receive their payment via credit card so you can enjoy your Kratom experience without any trouble.

3. PurKratom

If you want to buy the best quality Kratom strain, you can put your trust in PurKratom. They import their Kratom directly from the birthplace of Kratom, Southeast Asia. So, unquestionably this is one of the best Kratom vendors you can find in the market.

This shop has its laboratory where they test the density of alkaloids of their imported Kratom leaves. If the leaves pass the test with the highest mark, only then PurKratom sells that Kratom strain.

Despite going through all the expensive and complicated processes, PurKratom allows you to buy Kratom strain at a very affordable rate.

4. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is a wholesale vendor who supplies products in other online shops. So, you can presume the superiority of the Kratom strains of this shop from this statement.

This shop sells Kratom at the cheapest rate but does not compromise with the quality. If you ever feel doubtful, you can buy Kratom strains from this shop with your eyes closed.

They have a vast collection of Kratom strains, and you can find every form of Kratom strains like powder, extracts, whole dried leaves, crushed leaves, teabags, and capsules. In addition to that, they also sell the enhanced version of popular Kratom strains.

5. Kratora Kratom Shop

This shop also sells premium quality Kratom with guarantees and has a reputation for selling authentic, additive-free Kratom. They have earned respect for their hassle-free delivery system.

After you place your order on their website, they allow you to track your. Along with numerous types of Kratom strains, the also sell Kratom alternatives like Akuamma seeds, Kava Kava, and Blue Lotus.

Things to reflect on before purchasing Kratom from online shops:

Though online shops are the best place to buy Kratom, you can follow the rules given below to have a greater result. The rules are:

•      Check customer’s feedback. If you are looking for a specific Kratom strain, check reviews of that particular strain carefully.

•      Read labels and lab test reports to understand the nature of that particular Kratom strain.

•      Seek high-quality Kratom strain, not the cheapest one.

•      Choose a shop that has a vast collection of Kratom strains. It will help you to get the most suitable strain for you.

•      Check vendor’s license because the authenticity of the shop ensures a top-quality product.

Hopefully, by this time, you will have a pretty good idea about where to buy Kratom tea and other forms of Kratom strains. So, you can start to experiment with Kratom strains confidently.

The truth about Kratom addiction and withdrawal effects:

Though Kratom is not addictive, regular intake of a high dose can cause Kratom addiction. As this addiction isn’t severe, you can get rid of it with dedication and strong will help quickly.

How to recognize Kratom dependency:

•     Changes in mood and behavior

•   Strong urge to take an excessive amount of Kratom for several times

•     Changes in physical appearance

•     Anxiety and fatigue

If you want to divest yourself of Kratom addiction, don’t stop ingesting at once. Gradually keep lowering your doses and put a gap of 1-2 days between your doses. While going through this process, you may feel some withdrawal effects. Some of the general withdrawal effects of Kratom are:

•      Sweating and restlessness

•      Hot flashes and Body aches

•      Tremors and hostility

•      Nausea and vomiting

•      Jerky movements and hallucination

•      Fever

•      Upset stomach and chronic illness

•      Insomnia and depression

These withdrawal effects are mild so you can treat this at home. Be determined and remember that your goal is to get rid of the addiction. To divert your mind, you can take bubble baths, read a book, watch a movie, take a long walk, and spend quality time with friends and family. Thus, you can easily dispose of Kratom’s addiction.

How to minimize the chances of Kratom addiction:

You can reduce your chances of Kratom addiction by following the tips below:

•      Take doses between the lower and medium amount

•      Do not exceed the recommended amount of high dosage

•      Do not intake it every day or several times in a day

By following these guidelines, you will only get the benefits of the versatile Kratom strains instead of damages.

Final Words

To acquire the most advantages out of the Kratom strains, you must get top quality, pure Kratom from a reputed vendor. Otherwise, you will get poor feedbacks, and the blame will be on Kratom.

As we have covered all the details regarding where to buy Kratom tea, extract, capsules, and powder, you can begin your journey to reduce your distress using Kratom.

Though Kratom has got a few side effects, the benefits of Kratom are far greater than that. If you use Kratom as herbal medicine to ease your discomforts, you will never be disappointed.

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